At Kyra Solutions, we know that successful, on-time completion of a project is critical to our clients' success.

Whether you are looking to outsource a phase of a project or an entire project, Kyra Solutions' proven and flexible system development life cycle and project management methodology can be tailored to fit your needs.

Kyra has experience working on dozens of firm-fixed-price or fixed-deliverable projects and a track record of delivering projects on-time and on-budget.

Our core technical and executive management team are used to deliver successful projects and give our clients the highest level of attention and expertise on every project. We have experience with integrating multiple systems, regulatory and non-regulatory environmental systems, technology refresh projects, designing and developing workflow systems and have GIS Experience.

Here are just a few of our fixed-price projects:

  • FL – SOLARIS (Florida State owned Lands and Records Information System)

    Client: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

    Project: FL-SOLARIS (Florida State Owned Lands and Records Information System)
     is a GIS based database that records and maintains the inventory of real properties that are owned, leased, rented, or otherwise occupied by a state government entity. It also has a reporting system that enables FDEP to comply with mandated rules of submitting reports of property recommended for disposition.

  • Airport Parking Electronic Payment

    Client: Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

    Project: Airport Parking SunPass Electronic Payment provides SunPass customers with a cashless, ticketless, and hassle free means to pay for airport parking. Kyra’s team, in partnership with the Turnpike, created and implemented an interface between the SunPass system and the Orlando International Airport. Additionally, we created and implemented real-time interfaces between the SunPass system and the Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood, Miami and Palm Beach airports where customer SunPass accounts are debited at airport parking through the use of a transponder.

  • e-Permitting

    Client: South Florida Water Management District

    Project: e-Permitting: was developed to provide online permitting that supports permit application submittal, processing, tracking, contractor license renewal and compliance. This project increases the efficiency of the permitting process, reduces paper and staff costs and improves the communication between the district and the public.

  • APIS (Acquisition Process Information System)

    Client: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

    Project: APIS (Acquisition Process Information System): is a JEE based workflow tracking system that automates and tracks the entire land acquisition process; from the time an acquisition is suggested, to the development of an acquisition plan, to negotiations, and through the closing. APIS provides management visibility of activities throughout the process. Recently APIS was integrated with FL-SOLARIS.

  • PMARS (Plant Management Account Receivable System)

    Client:  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

    Project: PMARS (Plant Management Account Receivable System) 
    was developed to track activities supporting the control of invasive plant species on public lands. It tracks the management process, which includes the Annual Aquatic Survey, Uplands Plant Management Process, Research, and Field Operations, which supports both the Aquatic, and the Uplands.

As a member of Registered Consultant Program under PMI (Program Management Institute) and as a Certified Partner with Oracle and Microsoft, we can help you and your team turn your vision into reality. Whether your project is time and material based or fixed-price, our business model will be customized to meet your business model.


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