In the ever-changing world of technology, Kyra Solutions is equipped to handle our clients' immediate and long-term software requirements.  Our research and development team is currently developing cloud-based applications based on the needs of our clients.

Software as a Service

Software as a Service is one of the most-familiar cloud-based service models.  Kyra is encouraged to see our client’s interest in cloud-computing solutions and recognizes its benefits of cost savings, rapid deployment, scalability, accessibility, resilience and guaranteed levels of service to organizations. 

What should your organization evaluate when considering moving to a SAAS application?

  • Migration Path and Service Continuity - The migration timeline is critical to evaluating whether SAAS is right for you. Migration for large-scale applications could take weeks or months.
  • Scope, Training and Migration - The scope, training and migration issues must be carefully planned, sufficiently budgeted and properly staffed. 
  • Vendor Options - Limitations may exist from a software vendor on what processes can be performed and some applications may require changes in business processes. Kyra
  • works to provide customized software applications based on our clients requests to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

At Kyra, we know that there is no one-size-fits-all application. We pride ourselves on creating tailored solutions for our clients. Our customer’s needs drive what software products and applications we create.


Kyra’s propriety ROCSTAR (Repository of Core Samples, Tools and Reporting) system is created with the purpose of automating key functions of Geological Survey organizations in State, Local and Federal governments so that the collection and inventory of data is easy, organized, and consumable for decision making. ROCSTAR is also designed as a foundation to achieve a future vision for a platform for intra- and inter-agency collaboration to use the science of our Earth to better understand the natural hazards that threaten our lives, and to better manage our natural resources. Contact us for more information.

ROCSTAR screen grab


Clean air means a healthy community. The foundation for having clean air starts with states utilizing the proper tools for measuring air quality parameters on monitoring sites and having accurate QA/QC of data before reporting to EPA. Our air quality solution, ATMOS, collects ambient air data and provides actionable insights in a format that is easy to understand. So go ahead, take a deep breath of fresh air and leave the rest to us. Contact us for more information.

ROCSTAR screen grab


Transform your keyboard operators into revenue and reputation defenders with our sophisticated yet intuitive Manual Image Review Application (MIRA), a complete solution for processing image-based toll transactions.Click here for more information.


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