At Kyra Solutions, we know our people are our greatest asset.

Since 1997, we have been providing IT Consulting services, of which the last 12 have been focused specifically on the government entities in Florida. We understand our clients work for the citizens of Florida and it is important to us that we partner with our clients to deliver successfu results for our customers and for all Floridians.

Our approach to IT Consulting can be summarized as follows:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Trusted Partnerships
  • Proven Results

What makes our consulting services so effective?

  • Kyra has a team dedicated to the proactive recruiting of the best quality I.T. Consultants.
  • Kyra's adaptable structure allows us to quickly provide consulting expertise needed on any assignment. Kyra employs full-time Technical Recruiters who follow an extensive process when selecting candidates for a particular project that ensures the best and most cost effective resource is carefully placed in a timely manner. Our key differentiator is that our staff and recruiters have advanced technical education and experience that allows them to understand the project needs quickly and identify the right Kyra employees or potential Kyra employees to assist with each opportunity.  
  • Kyra’s regular participation in and presentations at trade shows, conferences, user group events, and meetings keep us on the cutting edge of industry best practices.
  • Kyra considers state and local government entities as strategic clients and is committed to providing undivided attention during any engagement. 

Our employee-driven, client-centered culture focused on quality, professionalism, trust and results allows us to deliver first-class IT consulting services to our clients with each and every opportunity in which we engage.


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