At Kyra Solutions, our culture is employee-driven and client centered. Employees drive what client initiatives we take on, putting our employees in the driver seat to control their opportunities and future success.

Kyra also provides a unique experience to our employees through the type of clients we serve. With state and local governments as our major customer base, our employees participate in public service through our public sector committments, making an impact in every community across the Sunshine State. We take this responsibility very seriously and work with our partners to serve the citizens of Florida to the best of our ability. It is not only rewarding, but fulfilling as we work to make Florida stronger, safer and healthier for our children and grandchildren.

To our clients, Kyra is known for its quality and professionalism, but to our employees we are also known for having fun! This is one reason why our firm was awarded a top mid-size firm in Florida Trend's Best Companies to Work For in 2014 and 2015.

Still have more questions and want to learn more about Kyra Solutions? Below our recruiters have provided answers to our most frequently asked questions from potential employees.

  • What is different about working as a consultant for Kyra?

    Kyra's employee-driven, client centered culture creates a unique environment for individuals to take personal initiative to enhance their careers. Kyra allows employees to grow and promote projects or software development ideas they see may meet a client's needs. At Kyra, you have the power to control your destiny. 

    There is an emphasis on continued education and career enhancement, and mentoring and collaboration are encouraged. We have put mechanisms in place to help everyone grow professionally and personally. We also believe in fun! Kyra enjoys celebrating our successes and sharing those moments with our employees. We work as one team with one goal in mind: be a trusted partner to our clients by exceeding their expectations every time. We take pride in what we do because ultimately the service we provide helps Florida become a better state.

  • What makes Kyra’s recruitment process unique?

    At Kyra, we see more than just a resume, we see a person with professional and personal goals. We talk with candidates at length and gain as much information about their experience and background as possible to ensure the job opening is in line with their expertise and personality, prior to submitting a candidate for a position. We work with candidates on their interviewing skills and give resume assistance. Even if an applicant does not walk away with a job, we help candidates improve their marketability and interviewing skills.

  • How do we find the perfect opportunities for potential employees?

    Kyra takes extra time to get to know each consultant’s desires and career aspirations. We aren’t just trying to fill a position. We speak to the consultants multiple times to get a clear understanding of their professional goals and long term plans. After understanding these motivations, we fit them into the project that is right for them. We are very transparent if we think that a particular position won’t be a good fit for a potential employee. The last thing we want to do is put a consultant into a position that only suits our needs and the clients, but doesn’t take into account a potential employees’ desires.

  • What benefits does Kyra offer?

    Kyra offers a full benefits package, including medical, dental, vision, and term life insurance, paid-time off and a 401K plan. Just like the tailored solutions we provide for our clients, we know that there is not a one-size-fits-all benefits package.  We are flexible and can provide you only the benefits that you need.

    • Paid Time-Off (PTO) 

    Eligible employees may use their accrued PTO for any non-billable client hours/away from work including but not limited to vacation days, holidays, sick days, personal leave, to exercise their voting rights, Military or Jury duty, bereavement, hurricane, client site closures etc. 

    • 401K Retirement Plan

    The employees become eligible for 401K plan after completion of at least one year of service with Kyra. Kyra will match up to 4% of employee’s contribution and it will be vested after one year of service.

    • Health, Dental, and Vision Care Coverage

    Each employee is entitled to participate in the company health, dental, and vision Insurance and prescription drug plan offered through United Healthcare. The employees are advised to read the details of coverage carefully in the booklet provide by our insurance carrier and clarify any open questions with the health care administrator.

    • Additional Benefits
    • Life Insurance: Kyra provides $50,000.00 life insurance to employees.
    • Discount off AT&T Personal Cell Phone Plan (Applies to both, employees and contractors)
  • What does Kyra’s employment screening process include?

    Kyra will initiate our background check process for criminal records and education verification. Kyra will follow a client's requirements if the client requires additional checks, which may include a Level II Criminal Records Check, Prior Employment Check, Credit Records, Drug-Testing, and DMV Records.   All background checks are performed after receiving an applicant’s consent.

  • How often do Kyra consulting contracts get renewed?

    Kyra Solutions boasts a contract renewal rate over 90%. Because Kyra spends so much effort and care early in the hiring process, we secure the right people in the right places to deliver the right solutions. Our clients are extremely satisfied with our consultants and the work they perform. By finding the right fit at the beginning, our employees enjoy high levels of satisfaction with their work.

  • What are Kyra’s relationships like with clients?

    Our goal is to meet with managers and learn about the challenges they face so that we can provide the right problem-solver and solution to any challenge. By learning about our clients' organization and culture, we also develop the soft skills that will be required to be successful with and add value to the client. We are building trusted partnerships, not transactional ones, and bringing to the table effective solutions, instead of simply supplying talent and walking away. 

  • What tools do we give our employees to help them succeed?

    Kyra offers offsite meetings and gatherings to encourage networking and open more doors for our employees. Information is power. We keep our employees abreast of changes within the client and in the industry through onsite and offsite collaboration meetings. Knowing our employees’ goals also allows us to involve consultants where and when we can in Kyra projects and software development.

  • What professional growth opportunities are available?

    The most important part about finding growth opportunities with any company is to find a company that is growing. Kyra has experienced double-digit growth for over a decade and we are still on the rise. Kyra's culture and values are focused on talent development because the success we experience with our clients is directly related to employee growth. Through our inform, involve and innovate process we help employees get the most out of their technology careers. We inform our employees about industry and client developments to initiate opportunities for re-assignment or new projects. We involve our employees in Kyra software development or fixed-price projects. Finally, through employee-driven initiatives, we innovate with our employees to create effective solutions for our clients. The possibilities at Kyra are truly endless. 


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