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Committed to you and remaining vigilant

As the impact of COVID-19 continues to unfold, Kyra remains committed to serving you. Our team is working with various agencies to adapt our approach of digital connection with their communities. Becoming digital mitigates risk and enhances public safety. We will remain vigilant through this passing storm. Here are some helpful resources, and if you need help moving to digital, please contact us.


Our mission is to connect government and the communities it serves through simple, transformative solutions.


We provide expertise in integration services for major commercial platforms, including Salesforce and Microsoft. We also design and develop custom mobile and web applications and can host your applications securely in the cloud or on-site at your location. Looking for even more? We provide a wide range of IT services to meet your needs.

Government Expertise

With decades of experience serving the public sector, Kyra understands government culture and the unique challenges agencies face. We have developed a wealth of expertise in regulatory programs and have proven ourselves to be a valued partner. Unlike most companies, our focus is government—and only government. Learn more.

government expertise

Technology Expertise Diagram

Technology Expertise

Utilizing a blend of proven, industry-leading technologies, Kyra has crafted a line of simple-to-use software solutions which can be quickly customized and deployed to transform your engagement with citizens. Our solutions modernize tolling, automate regulatory programs, and leverage machine learning and AI to empower agencies to make data-driven decisions. Learn more.

Services Expertise

We realize that agencies often face unique challenges requiring a partner with top-notch services. Kyra’s broad spectrum of subject matter experts, experienced engineers, and project managers provide agencies with the skillsets needed to solve problems completely and efficiently. Kyra provides a wide scope of services, including information technology services, computer programing, employment counseling and recruiting services, business consultancy services and maintenance of computer hardware. Our experts are eager and excited to integrate with your culture and team to help you succeed. Learn more.

Services Expertise

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