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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Engineer

Tallahassee, FL Posted: 08/08/2022

Primary Responsibilities

  • Minimum of 5 years of programming/systems analysis experience with emphasis in applications and systems architectural design and development, database and middleware technologies.
  • Develop deployment automation to provide a fully functional cloud stack in Azure that supports the Clients environment.
  • Build, migrate, and test Azure environments and integrations.
  • Setup multi-level network environments using Azure.
  • Integration with on-premise applications, cloud providers or other platforms.
  • Develop templates or scripts to automate everyday developer or operations functions.
  • Monitor and maintain multiple Cloud DevOps environments based on client requirements.
  • Use your expertise in DevOps methodologies and practices to build a better Cloud development environment.
  • Build new automation to expand and maintain Cloud hosting.
  • Assisting IT and development teams with Cloud management tasks.
  • Support and lead project tasks.
  • Identify key drivers of a defined problem and propose solutions.
  • Mentoring development teams on DevOps best practices.
  • Identify new tools and processes to improve the Cloud platforms.
  • Collaborate with remote team members to build and maintain positive, productive team relationships.
  • Develop positive relationships with teams involved in the downstream technical processes.
  • Hands on Experience with Azure (required) and other Cloud Providers (preferred)
  • Install, configure, automate, and monitor various Cloud Services (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS)
  • Experience with DevOps implementations, migrations, and upgrades within the Microsoft Cloud Azure solution suite.
  • Deep understanding of Cloud Azure Kubernetes Services with container-based deployment skills.
  • Responsible for developing and deploying integrated solutions aimed at modernizing, consolidating and Coordinating the independently designed applications within and across the enterprises.
  • Hands on experience with DevOps/Automation tools including Ansible, Jenkins, GitHub; and Lead team and or/project.
  • Determines how existing applications, legacy systems, databases, Web interfaces and/or hardware logic, which may be currently operating on multiple platforms, work together to meet the new and emerging enterprise requirements.
  • Develops methods to efficiently reuse existing components.
  • Works with users to gather business requirements, performs database analysis, codes, and tests middleware routines to ensure successful and seamless communication among the various IT systems and applications components.
  • Participates in component and data architecture design, software product evaluation and buy vs. build recommendations.
  • Possesses skills and knowledge of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) methodologies and processes such as object-oriented programming, distributed, cross-platform program communication using message brokers with Common Object Request Broker Architecture, enterprise-wide content and data distribution using common databases and data standards implemented with the Extensible Markup Language (XML), middleware applications and message queuing approaches.


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