Government Technology Solutions


A Suite of CRM Solutions

CRM systems are not just for the private sector anymore. Government agencies are enjoying the benefits of these solutions to serve their constituents more effectively than ever. Now, government staff can better manage relationships and improve public customer service with the people in the communities they serve.


A Suite of Tolling Solutions

VIPER provides the only complete image review-as-a-service in North America with zero capital investment and makes your cashless tolling more efficient and effective. With 70% automation and over 99.95% accuracy, VIPER is an end-to-end image transaction processing service enabling you to confidently transfer your risk and your administrative responsibilities to Kyra. We maximize your revenue and minimize errors.


A Suite of Regulatory Solutions

Government employees are talented, tenacious professionals. Yet ever changing laws and rules along with mounting stakeholder scrutiny can hinder efficient regulatory programs. Kyra Solutions equips agencies with technology-driven solutions that optimize workflows and allow staff to excel.


A Suite of Transportation Solutions

Our solutions are the first in the nation powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning that are designed for both traffic management and law enforcement. Our software is created by seasoned industry experts and comprehensive enough to make every decision a data-informed decision. Each solution, developed with Silicon Valley technology, is highly configurable, flexible, and scalable out-of-the-box.

Smart government solutions to better serve your digital age citizens

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