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CLIPA (Certifications, Licenses, Inspections, Permits, and Applications)

CLIPA is a configuration-driven solution for any certification, license, inspection, permit, or application form flow. It is designed to simplify the application process for consumers while streamlining the review and approval process for your staff.  Have multiple forms and multiple applications? No need to develop different solutions – CLIPA can handle all types of applications in one simple-to-use solution.

STAR on various devices

Features Overview

  • Save time for your customers and staff– Dynamic forms and fields may be hidden so users aren’t burdened with supplying extraneous information.
  • Never forget! Automatically alerts users when action is required to renew or re-apply.
  • Save your customers the frustration of inputting the same information again and again. CLIPA Integrates with third-party systems to pull information based on user input (such as a license number), decreasing duplicate entry of information and increasing accuracy.
  • Always be sure the information is correct and complete – Configurable auto-calculation, validation, required fields, and more.
  • Better Communication – Review and approval workflow improves the relationship between applicants and reviewers.

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