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The only complete image review-as-a-service in North America

VIPER provides the only complete image review-as-a-service in North America with zero capital investment and makes your cashless tolling more efficient and effective. With 70% automation and over 99.95% accuracy, VIPER is an end-to-end image transaction processing service enabling you to confidently transfer your risk and your administrative responsibilities to Kyra. We maximize your revenue and minimize errors.

Hello everyone. I’m Barry Pelletteri, the Chief Strategy Officer for Kyra Solutions, and by way of some additional background, I am the former Chief Information Officer for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. Thank you very much for taking time to visit Kyra’s website and most importantly to play this video and give us an opportunity to show you more about Kyra’s journey from building image review solutions to creating a new image review-as-a-service offer for the tolling industry.

For those of you that don’t know us, here are a few basics about Kyra. Number one, we serve government and only government. We have 25 state clients throughout the State of Florida. We’ve been serving government for 21 years. And as you can see, we have over 200 associates. We are extremely proud of the 14%+ average annual growth rate because that growth rate is a testament to the quality and consistency of the work we perform. We have 4 locations throughout the State of Florida. Our Innovation Center is located in Silicon Valley in California, and we are opening a new Center for Data Science. Some things that you may not know about us - we are a GSA contract holder, a contract holder for Florida State Term, a Gold Partner for Microsoft, and a Consulting Partner for Salesforce. But what’s MOST important is that we know the business of tolling! Our teams have worked inside various tolling agencies in almost all functions at almost all levels, including electronic toll collection, technology, traffic operations, auditing and security, and others that you see listed here. We are extremely proud to have partnered with the Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority to create a manual image-review application that was cited by IBTTA for a toll excellence award.

So, what’s happening in the industry, and what are we hearing, and why did we pursue image review-as-a-service? Image review is now in the tolling industry spotlight. As you know, cashless toll roadways are everywhere – either conversions of existing roadways or new construction. In addition, unfortunately with the COVID-19 pandemic, toll collector safety has become paramount and accelerating this change has cash collection at various agencies is removed. So, what’s important - the recovery of non-transponder, non-account revenue becomes critical. And the 80-20 rule comes into play, where 80% penetration is the rule that most agencies see, and roughly 20% remains in cash… maybe a little higher or a little lower depending on the agency. In spite of significant campaigns, discount programs, multi-tier tolling pricing – that 20% number is very difficult to move. And when a roadway becomes cashless, that particular number becomes difficult to collect. Any why is that important? Well, in bond ratings, especially when you meet with firms like S&P and Fitch and Moody’s, and you’re looking to float bonds to fund your capital program, that cost of capital is critical. And the rating agencies, as you know very well, they focus on the traffic prediction and forecasts, state of repair, and also revenue realization, which includes low or holding the line on bad debt. It’s the difference between low single-digit bad debt versus middle or high double-digit in the teens. So, what do you need to accomplish this? You need world-class image review, and you need world-class collections. So, what is Kyra Solutions hearing about world-class image review? Well, we’re hearing from the industry, and the tolling industry is telling us about a preference for “best of breed” solutions. We’re seeing that in RFPs, with carve-outs, specifically for image review. We’re seeing that in direct inquiries that we have received in terms of specialization in image review and service excellence in operations. And we’ve gotten a lot of general inquiries as well on this topic.

So, what is our response? Kyra’s response has been to develop an image review-as-a-service offer for the tolling industry. How did we do that? We took 2 of our proven solutions – one being KARS, our automated license plate recognition system, and MIRA, our manual image review application. We put those together, wrap them and introduced additional auditing tools and some new technology to create what we call VIPER. VIPER is the only complete image review-as-a-solution in North America. If you focus on the top of this chart, you’ll see we offer 70% automation and over 99.95% accuracy. The most important part of that statement is that in those numbers, we do not exclude any plates or any plate types. ALL plates, ALL plate types are included in those performance figures. VIPER sits in the middle, between your lane provider and your back-office provider. Our job is to partner with both to ensure seamless capture and realization of revenue.

So, what does this image review-as-a-service called VIPER look like? Well, in a short video I can’t go through every one of these, but I will highlight a few of the main items. Under “features,” let’s take a look at the bottom on “always-on auditing, with full client visibility.” This is one of those additional features I talked about that we’ve added in. We audit about 20% of our volume all the time to ensure performance levels, but the key is that we give our client the same auditing tool and give them transparency into everything that we’re doing. Because after all, this is all about accountability and full transparency. Clients can audit all of the workflow every day. They can also audit the results of our audit. On the technology side, we’ve introduced machine learning and some very sophisticated algorithms under the artificial intelligence banner. You can see what happens with on-demand, scalable infrastructure. This can be cloud-based or on-premises, and one of the big features in technology is that we use the results from our manual image-review operation to drive changes and improvement in our automation. It’s the only way that we can meet our commitment for continuous improvement. There are lots of benefits, and folks will always talk heavily about the “benefit” column, but I’m gonna go to the bottom, and I’m going to focus in on “evidence-based procurement.” It may be a term that you’re not familiar with. But what it means, very simply, is we ask you for your images – we will run them through our system using your business rules, and we will prove to you what we can do. You can take that proof and be sure, absolutely sure, of the performance levels you can expect as you begin the procurement process.

One more item is our “performance management scorecard.” I’d like to talk about that one in a little more detail. It’s extremely important. Since we are running a service and not just implementing technology, you know on big technology projects you implement software and are responsible for maintenance and other things. In this particular case, with image review-as-a-service, we are responsible for the results of the entire service every hour of every day. And we use this performance management scorecard to ensure that those results meet the performance levels that we promise to all of our clients, and also that we can continue to improve those levels. So, this is a toolkit. All types of things are in here. You see the real-time dashboards, the alerts, offering complete transparency. Remember, we use this toolkit to manage our operation. This same toolkit is given to our clients so that they can also oversee and manage what we do – nothing to hide, everything completely transparent. It’s very specialized for image review, trying to meet the demand from the industry. One last item here is the “Financial Performance Return on Investment Calculator.” Typically, ROI is calculated at the beginning of every project. We can do the same thing here, but this ROI is meant to be calculated throughout the life of the service operation. It could be week-in week-out. It could be month-in month-out.

One more benefit that is hidden sometimes when you purchase something “as-a-service.” And these are enterprise-wide benefits that are above and beyond the image review application or image review service. We enhance the security profile for each of our clients. That means that your enterprise risk-management profile is improved. It can even positively impact premiums for cyber insurance when you meet with the underwriters and answer their questions. There’s very little disruption, if any, during implementation, lots of flexibility - which is a big item in the tolling industry right now, when business rules change. You know we can scale. We can clearly simplify operations and technology architecture. The big one is a single point of accountability. This gives you the trust that you can transfer the risk to Kyra Solutions to manage all of your image review. And finally, additional bandwidth for other business imperatives and that measurable return on investment that is not a one-time return.

So, with all that said, I hope that I’ve provided you with some valuable information regarding the importance of image review for the tolling industry and Kyra Solutions’ journey to create VIPER, their image review-as-a-service solution. If you would like to learn more about VIPER, contact information is available on our website. I truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today. Please stay healthy and be safe. Thank you.

IBTTA 2020 Virtual Vendor Forum Presentation

Kyra Solutions, letting you take ownership of your toll system. Our KARS automated license plate reader uses cutting-edge optical character recognition, coupled with artificial intelligence and machine learning to bring your cashless tolling beyond industry expectations, with 70% automation and over 99.95% accuracy.

When you have data in hand, our MIRA system protects your revenue by synthesizing collected information into a comprehensive, flexible, fully customizable and intuitive user interface.

We also combine these 2 powerful solutions into a single image-based service that we call VIPER. VIPER is an end-to-end image transaction processing service. With VIPER you can confidently transfer your risk and your administrative responsibilities for image processing to Kyra. We maximize your tolling revenue and minimize billing errors.

For every problem, there’s a Kyra solution. Contact us today at 877-561-5972.

An overview of Kyra’s three tolling solutions: KARS, MIRA, and VIPER

Executive Summary Download

Executive Summary Thumbnail

Accelerating the Pace of Change in the Tolling Industry

Tolling agencies are exploring new ways to accelerate the pace of innovation to continually improve performance, increase revenue and lay the groundwork for new services. A panel of industry leaders discussed how agencies can leverage technology to address these challenges head-on in our recent webinar presented by SmartBrief in collaboration with Kyra Solutions.


VIPER is a complete one-stop solution for image-based transaction processing. It includes Automated License Plate Recognition, Kyra’s Manual Image Review Application (MIRA), and IT Infrastructure.


  • Movement in the industry towards all-electronic tolling has created increasing demand on image review and back-office operations.
  • Current image review systems are operated by companies that do not specialize in image review.


  • Industry leaders create an ideal platform – toll agencies, consulting firms, and Kyra Solutions, Inc.
  • Proven technology platform coupled with the thought leadership of Kyra’s experienced tolling team provides a complete turn-key SaaS solution.


  • Streamline workflow and increase operational efficiency.
  • Save time and cost with consultant on-boarding and training.
STAR on various devices


  • Flexible SaaS solution scales up or down to meet seasonal adjustment in transaction volume.
  • Real-time statistics and feedback allow instant reallocation of assets based on need.
  • Colorful graphics provide at-a-glance queue and throughput information.


  • Easily configure reports and metrics for agency needs.
  • Entire system and process is completely configurable to easily and quickly change to match Agency business rules.
  • Real-time dashboards configured and arranged to meet Agency’s interest and mission.

What VIPER Means for an Agency

  • Assure revenue recognition
  • Improve cash flow
  • Improve customer service with accurate billing
  • Reduce overall operational expense (OPEX)
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Ensure billing accuracy
  • Shift risk to Kyra from agency
  • Single point of accountability
  • Transfer agency’s administrative responsibilities to Kyra related to image review staff
  • Maintain integrity in roadside and back office operations

SaaS Features Overview

  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multi-queue approach
  • Cloud-based or on-premise solution
  • Audit system and reviewer performance
  • Double-blind reviews
  • Real time dashboards
  • In depth, customizable, and assignable audit capabilities/functionalities
  • Configure work flows to meet agencies unique business rules
  • Improve overall system accuracy by using MIRA results in ALPR/OCR engines
  • Improve maintenance of camera solutions via image quality feedback

KARS (Kyra's Automated Recognition System)

KARS, is Kyra’s Automated Recognition System, known in the industry as an ALPR (automatic license plate reader). Kyra Solutions has emerged as one of the leading information technology service providers in the transportation space and our mission of making complicated technology issues simple is shown in our automated license plate reader. KARS achieves a higher automation rate with a greater accuracy level.  Our state-of-the-art ALPR provides significant cost savings over existing technology.

STAR on various devices

Features Overview

  • Increases processing throughput by automating an important part of the tolling process
  • Ability to read license plates in any weather condition
  • Ability to read any plate type
  • No additional hardware required
  • Software integrates with any camera
  • Accurate readings allow for cost savings of human labor.
  • Uses artificial intelligence to isolate and accurately read license plates
  • With KARS, tolling agencies can fine-tune their processes to ensure the highest quality and consistency from their automated image review program.

MIRA (Manual Image Review Application)

Despite the improvements in automation for toll transaction image capture and review, manual image review remains an important part of the revenue assurance program for every tolling agency. Each agency has its own unique mix of in-state and out-of-state traffic along with an ever-growing list of specialty license plates. Add to this the increase of All-Electronic-Tolling (AET) along with new bill-by-plate features and the manual image review process continues to grow in importance for all toll operators.

MIRA combines new technology with a highly flexible design to optimize work flow for the many uncertainties that surround the manual image review process. Unexpected fluctuations in volume, personnel turnover, training requirements, processing accuracy, consistent performance monitoring, and end to end auditability are just some of the major factors that were part of the design for MIRA. An investment in MIRA provides toll operators with a technology platform designed for “continuous improvement.” With MIRA, tolling agencies can fine-tune their processes to ensure the highest quality and consistency from their manual image review program. An investment in MIRA is an investment in the ongoing improvement of your business.

MIRA diagram

Features Overview

  • Provides full visibility of transactions, including oldest pending transactions, total reviews and transactions performed per day, and average review times per transaction, in both report and dashboard graph format
  • Provides full visibility of reviewer activity, including reviews per minute, reviews per hour, daily totals, error rates, and escalation rates
  • Provides reviewers a personalized dashboard to view their performance over time.
  • Includes escalation function to management for final transaction disposition
  • Audits transactions to ensure accuracy and includes the ability to create and assign audits to other users
  • Flags transactions for training purposes
  • Automatically processes transactions based on trusted and exempt vehicle lists and routes for manual processing based on a sensitive list to reduce customer complaint issues
  • Allows feature customization, including license plate special characters, prefix and suffix values, and plate types
  • Loads images in less than a second with a high-performance system design


Kyra’s audit solution, Verified®, is able to confirm that you’re getting the highest confidence of throughput with no disruption to your current operations. Our audit solution can verify transactions from any lanes, processed by any ALPR, OCR, and/or manual review.

What It Means for Your Agency

  • Protect Agency’s Reputation
  • Guarantee SLAs with your vendors
  • Improve accuracy to prevent errors
  • Audit system & reviewer performance
  • Reduce billing errors
  • Increase customer satisfaction

Features Overview

  • Available in a bundle or as a stand-alone module
  • Available on-premises or in the cloud
  • Annual pricing or pricing per transaction
  • Audit transactions from any lanes by any ALPR/OCR and/or manually processed


LPP (Loss Prevention Portal)

With all case requests in one location, your agency will be able to save time, talent, and money! Not only is there a direct benefit to your cost savings, there is also an improvement in risk mitigation providing a win-win to your organization. As with all of Kyra’s solutions, the user experience is easy to navigate and is intuitive.

Loss Prevention Portal

Loss Prevention Portal

Discover the value of Kyra’s solutions.