Accelerating progress to vision zero through connected and managed roadways


A Solution built for:

  • Safety: Reduce fatalities, injuries, and property damage
  • Mobility: Improve roadway throughput and efficiency
  • Operational Excellence: Greater visibility on the roadways for faster and better management of traffic operations
  • Environmental Responsibility: Reduce fuel consumptions and emissions

Out-of-the-box Applications for Roadside and the TMCs

  • Wrong-way driver warning
  • Work zone warning
  • Stopped/disabled vehicle warning
  • Speed warning
  • Curve speed warning at ramps
  • Queue warning
  • TIM weather warning
  • ... and many more


Wrong-way Detection

IntelliConnect immediately and accurately detects when an OBU-equipped vehicle is moving against the flow of traffic and sends instant alerts to transportation management centers, emergency response personnel, and drivers on the road, with split-second processing that reduces crashes and saves lives.

Speed Threshold Detection

IntelliConnect provides alerts based on configurable speed thresholds, roadway supervisors can be notified of unusually slow traffic. Additionally, approaching drivers can be notified of slow traffic ahead, preparing them to decelerate and reducing the likelihood of secondary crashes

Disabled Vehicle Detection

IntelliConnect detects OBU-enabled disabled vehicles in seconds distinguishes between heavy congestion, slow traffic, and a truly disabled vehicle.


Construction Zone Warning

IntelliConnect notifies drivers of active construction zones ahead, prompting them to slow down and making the roadway safer for construction workers.


And many more …



Scalable, Secure, and Reliable

  • Uses enterprise-grade encryption
  • Performs secure publishing and receiving of messages using industry standard security framework
  • Auto-scales based on usage

Custom Business Applications

  • Out of the box safety and mobility applications
  • Tolling and in-car payment applications
  • Discovery of new use cases

Multiple Data Streams

  • Connect to multiple data sources including legacy systems
  • Supports data ingestion from data sources like sensors, roadside units, mobile devices, social media, cameras, third party API, and relational databases, etc.

Intelligent Edge Computing

  • Seamless connectivity to legacy devices and road side units
  • Pre-process, filter and analyze Data at the Edge before sending it to the Cloud
  • Performs dissection of connected vehicle messages with a Generic device driver
  • Runs business rules engine for safety applications

Intelligent Traffic Management

  • Broadcast TIM (traveler information message) messages and real time safety alerts to pedestrians and drivers
  • Near instantaneous detection of roadway incidents
  • Comprehensive roadway visibility and analytics for improved safety, greater mobility, and better operational effciency
  • Configure and customize various parameters related to business applications and easy integration with the traffic monitoring system

Data Management

  • Big Data Management (For Raw and Curated Layer)
  • Data Governance and Authorization
  • Open Ecosystem
  • Third-party API Integration
  • Scalable, secure, and reliable
  • Seamless connectivity to roadside devices
  • Process, filter, fuse, and analyze data at the edge
  • Real-time alerts to TMC/ATMS, DMS, connected vehicles, mobile devices, traffic support personnel, and others
  • Real-time incident detection using out-of-the-box and customizable safety and mobility applications
  • Centralized management, configuration, and roadway analytics for all edge devices
  • Connects to IntelliConnect Cloud to provide end-to-end ITS solutions

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