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Florida Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU)
OMMU Screen

Client: Florida Department of Health’s Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU)

Background: When OMMU came to fruition, its mission was to provide patients, caregivers, and physicians the resources to safely access the state’s medical marijuana program. They are also responsible for inspecting state-regulated medical marijuana treatment centers, writing and implementing the medical marijuana rules of the department, licensing Florida businesses that cultivate, process, and dispense medical marijuana, and certifying marijuana testing laboratories to ensure public health and safety.

Challenge: Since its inception, OMMU has seen skyrocketing growth in Florida’s medical marijuana industry. They needed to modernize their processes in order to effectively scale with the market while eliminating time-consuming tasks, streamlining licensing and compliance processes, and eliminating data silos.

Solution: OMMU partnered with Kyra Solutions to configure a Salesforce-based solution, rather than developing a traditional, custom-built system with the same requirements. This allowed OMMU to have the completed solution go live in six months, instead of years, with the same functionality as a custom-built solution. Automation helped the office’s inspection workflows using dynamic checklists and follow-up letters. This also broke down data silos, creating a worldview of Florida’s medical marijuana industry. Additionally, Kyra helped create an automated variance process with case management. Each case can be tracked and updated with auto-populated inspection results.

Overall, the solution seamlessly manages inspection scheduling, processing, and data — all while aligning with statutory requirements. Likewise, the partnership made it possible for OMMU to get a 360-degree view of state-regulated facilities.

Vehicle to Anything (V2X) Solution at Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise
IntelliExchange Pilot

Client: Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

Background: Reducing fatalities on high speed freeways remains a preeminent public safety and quality of life issue for the nation. Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise recognized the potential benefits of connected vehicle technology to address behavioral roadway safety and mobility issues and partnered with Kyra Solutions’ to test their cutting-edge technology, IntelliExchange™ - V2X Data Exchange and Management Platform.

Challenge: To pilot a complete end-to-end, real-time incident detection and alerts vehicle-to-everything (V2X) solution for wrong-way drivers, disabled vehicles, and speed variation vehicle detection on Florida’s Turnpike.

Solution: Kyra Solutions used a promising, and now proven, connected vehicle interface and data processing application called IntelliConnect™, a module of Kyra’s IntelliExchange platform, to improve safety, mobility, and driver awareness, piloted on a segment of Florida’s Turnpike. The application detects and sends user-configurable warnings, in real time, to traffic management centers, drivers, and other third-party users about unsafe traffic conditions using connected vehicle technology. The technology was proven through three use cases focused on behavioral safety: wrong-way driving, disabled vehicles, and speed thresholds. IntelliConnect also facilitates real-time and historical analytics, including visualizations for vehicle speed, location, and more. Its data is consumable by third-party systems via API, enabling integration with an available ATMS. The plug-n-play, in-built device drivers, edge compute, big data management, and other functionalities made it possible for Kyra to complete this phase of the pilot and demonstrate critical applications quickly and successfully. Powered by edge processing, IntelliConnect’s near-instantaneous incident detection and alert capabilities represent a giant leap forward for proven and promising countermeasures to hazardous highway conditions through driver information, education, and awareness.

“IntelliConnect is a powerful and completely configurable data exchange platform. This gave our team the ability to produce an end-to-end solution in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our partnership with Kyra on the pilot has been a successful step towards V2X communication. Most importantly, this pilot project is the first step in using new data to improve safety and mobility on our roadways with the ultimate goal of saving lives.”
~ John Easterling, FTE District Traffic Operations Engineer

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Outdoor Florida
Outdoor Florida

Client: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Background: In 2016, the Florida legislature passed a requirement for the public to have access to the database of recreational activities and locations throughout the state.

Challenge: To showcase the many locations throughout the State of Florida for outdoor recreational activities through native mobile apps and a companion web application.

Solution: Created in partnership with the Department of Environmental Protection, Kyra Solutions developed Outdoor Florida, a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices. This cloud-based app provides an appealing and easy-to-use interface for the public to discover and explore Florida’s vast recreational opportunities. The app provides the ability to search a wide variety recreational activity types available at any location in Florida, and it displays points of interest on a map with customizable views. Each location also has a detail page with additional information, driving directions, website links (if available), and can be saved to ensure easy access to your favorite spots in the future.

Key Technologies: Angular, Ionic, and Outdoor Florida API

FL-SOLARIS (Florida State Owned Lands and Records Information System)

Client: Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Background: The State of Florida lacked one central location that housed data on all state agencies’ real estate inventory.  A lack of centralized and accessible data increased the State’s insurance premiums, caused inefficient accounting, underutilization of existing facilities and lands, and led to a large surplus in state-owned lands and buildings. Additionally, there was no mechanism for the public to easily access and view public real estate.

Challenge: To identify, collect and aggregate the State of Florida’s real estate inventory into one accessible, reportable and transparent system.

Solution: FL-SOLARIS, created in partnership with the Department of Environmental Protection and the Department of Management Services, allows the State of Florida to effectively manage owned, rented, and leased spaces utilized by Florida’s public sector through a single interconnected database. The system created contains four distinct areas. First, the facility module FITS (Facilities Inventory Tracking System) was developed to generate an automated inventory of all facilities, owned, leased, rented and occupied or maintained by a state agency. The second, a land module LITS (Land Inventory Tracking System) was developed to generate inventory of all state lands and real property leased, owned, rented, and occupied or maintained by any state agency. The third area, the public lands module includes all public owned lands. The fourth section of the system is the public interface portion which allows the public to access and view all of the state’s public land and facilities inventory. This access facilitates disposal of surplus state property by allowing agencies to consolidate within existing facilities, providing for better determination of overages in land and facilities.  This can also be accomplished across agency lines where services can be provided out of the same office locations.  The public access provides information on lands and facilities that agencies are planning to dispose of, allowing advanced planning and consideration time for private purchase.

FL-SOLARIS (Public Interface)

The creation of this centralized system with a public interface allows the State of Florida to more efficiently and transparently manage its assets, leading to wide-spread cost savings. Additionally, the database will help the State dispose of surplus spaces. By giving the State a single system to store and analyze the state’s real estate inventory, the agencies are able to more efficiently and effectively manage the use of state assets.

Key Technologies: GIS, Java, Oracle

Year Completed:

  • Facilities Module Available for Customer Use – October 2011
  • Lands Module Available for Customer Use – February 2013
  • Public Lands Inventory Available for Customer Use – February 2013
  • Public Interface Available for Customer Use – June 2014

SunPass Airport Parking Electronic Payment System


Client: Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise

Background: Airport parking’s paper ticket process creates additional hassles for customers burdened by the stress of airport travel. Customers often lose paper tickets during their travel. Additionally, during high traffic times, the ticket process is a slow means for processing the parking payments of airport customers. Airport operations needed a mechanism to speed up airport parking ticket processing for its customers.

Challenge: To provide SunPass customers with a cashless, ticketless, and hassle free means to pay for airport parking.

Solution: Kyra’s team, in partnership with the Turnpike, created and implemented an interface between the SunPass system and the Orlando International Airport. Additionally, we created and implemented real-time interfaces between the SunPass system and the Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale-Hollywood, Miami and Palm Beach International Airports where customer SunPass accounts are debited at airport parking gantries through the use of a transponder. If the customer does not have enough funds on their SunPass account, the system will charge the customer’s credit card on file on a real-time basis. The system then sends an electronic receipt to the customer.

In addition to building the interface, Kyra’s team was responsible for operational testing and quality assurance, ensuring the correct amount is charged to each customer. The system also generates an end-of-day settlement report and pays the airport the amount owed daily. On average, this system processes five times more cars than the ticket system.

Year Completed: First Airport Launch 2009

Kyra Key Staff: Through the information technology staff augmentation contract, Kyra provided the following: Project Manager, Technical Architect, Technical Personnel, Financial and Software Technology Quality Assurance, and PCI Compliance staff for this project.

SunPass Conversion to Host-Based Accounts

Client: Florida's Turnpike Enterprise

Background: Prior to the conversion to Host-Based Account Balances, each SunPass transponder represented an individual account. Many customers have more than one transponder that are all paid by the same credit card. The conversion moved account balances from the transponder level to the SunPass account level, allowing for multiple transponders to be connected to one account. All of the transponders on one account are read as a combined balance instead as individual accounts with individual balances.

Challenge: To increase SunPass customer convenience by creating a single SunPass account for each customer and to reduce the operating cost for SunPass.

Solution: Kyra assisted the implementation of the Turnpike business rules in the SunPass system to house customer accounts at the SunPass account level. The team consolidated account balances if multiple transponders existed under one account. Additionally, the Kyra staff was responsible for the application development and operational testing of the system. By reducing the number of times a credit card is charged for a single account through combined balances, the conversion lowered SunPass operational costs while increasing customer convenience.

Year Completed: 2009 (Host-Based Transponder Balance); 2012 (Host-Based Account Balance)

Kyra Key Staff: Through the information technology staff augmentation contract, Kyra provided the following: Technical Architect, Technical Personnel, Financial and Software Technology Quality Assurance, and PCI Compliance staff for this project.

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