What we stand for

We build trusted life-long partnerships with state and local government agencies, delivering on quality, time, and budget with transparency and humility.


In Kyra's vision of the world, government seamlessly connects with its citizens. We strive to make an impact as the public sector's most trusted digital solutions partner.

Founder’s story

Piyush Patel is a fourth-generation entrepreneur whose grandfather, a businessman and state legislator, was twice imprisoned in India for Gandhi’s freedom movement. Another grandfather pioneered modern technologies for building roads. Piyush’s parents sent him to plant roots in the United States with a voracious risk appetite and character rooted in empathy, humility, and courage to do the right thing.

In 1997, Piyush quit a nine-year stint in the car industry, leading a team devising airbag sensors, and launched a software solutions company that was spectacularly successful until the dot-com bubble burst. With lessons learned, fresh purpose and unwavering support from key employees and brothers Jay and Devang, Piyush and his wife, Rupal, reorganized the company into Kyra Solutions in 2003.

The Patel family quickly realized that their DNA, passion and mission aligned well with public service and decided to exclusively concentrate on the government sector. Using its digital transformation software and services, Kyra assists government entities in becoming more efficient and effective in serving citizens, protecting the environment, saving lives on roadways, and reducing the regulatory burden on businesses. The mantra “always put empathy for people and adherence to greater purpose ahead of profit” continues to drive the Patel family’s entrepreneurial spirit and the company’s culture.


To accomplish our vision, we recognize that our efforts to improve the lives of citizens must extend past the completion of a project. Through our business practices and philanthropic activities, the Kyra Team consistently works to help preserve our beautiful planet and ready future generations for an ever-changing world.


Kyra Solutions is dedicated to preserving our environment. In addition to working with our government clients to increase efficiency and cut out waste, we work to achieve the same in our headquarters. Built in 2010, Kyra’s HQ was the 1st commercial building to receive LEED certification in the city of Lakeland. Our HQ has been certified as a Florida Water Star, cutting total water consumption by 30%.


Kyra Solutions consistently supports education-based philanthropies as part of our core values and mission. We are actively engaged in many community-driven endeavors, including the sponsoring of PACE Center for Girls and The Sunshine State Scholars program. In addition, we put a great emphasis on professional education by offering our team members opportunities to pursue advanced certifications and training.

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